Parks & Rec Football Helps Youth Reach Their Full Potential

The Richmond City Parks and Recreation department offers an excellent football program for city youth. The program boasts many successes, including Bryan Still, who went on to become a wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers.

The long-standing program is not just about football, but also about helping our youth realize their full potential and achieve their dreams. It is known that sports can motivate youth to realize the importance of academic achievement and teach them the importance of life skills, such as team building, dedication, responsibility and discipline.

In addition to the athletic component, the football program also focuses on life skills, duty, safety, education and academics. Each participating community center offers an excellent coaching staff.

More than 35 neighborhood teams compete city-wide. No experience is necessary. Instruction is provided. If you are interested in being on a team, assisting us with coaching or being a team sponsor, contact the center supervisor at your local community center.

Season Schedule:

  • September 15th Parks & Rec Football 9:30am-4:30pm
  • September 29th Parks & Rec Football 9:30am-4:30pm
  • October 27th Parks & Rec Football 9:30am-4:30pm
  • November 3rd Parks & Rec Football 9:30am-4:30pm

The Friends of Bon Secours Training Center partnered with Richmond City Parks & Rec enabling the use of this State of the Art facility by City of Richmond Youth. Facility Rent expenses for these events is waived as a component of the construction agreement with the City. However, expenses such as field lining, set up/tear down, bleacher rental, staffing and security are real costs that are covered thru the work of the nonprofit.

Partnering with Enrichmond and our sponsors, we have been able to support the following events annually and continue to expand the schedule as our funding grows:

 Richmond Parks and Recreation – Fall Youth Football and Cheer

  • 2016 – 4 games plus the Semifinals
  • 2017 – 24 games plus the Semifinals
  • 2018 – Anticipate 36 games to be played on site plus the Semifinals

 Richmond Public Schools

  • High School Soccer practice and games
  • Field Day with local schools
  • 2018 – Looking to add a City Wide High School Football Camp
  • 2018 – Annual RPS Hall of Fame Event

Police Athletic League

  •   2016 – 2017 Holiday, Summer and Day Camps
  •   2018 –  Additional use as requested