The Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center set a new standard in the NFL for summer training camp facilities. The project provides state-of-the-art facilities and two natural grass football fields designed especially for the Redskins during the three-week training period. The Redskins broke the NFL record for training camp attendance in its first year, with more than 165,000 fans enjoying the facility and festivities.

Bon Secours Virginia Health System has ensured the facility serves as a valuable year-round resource for the community when camp is not in session. They operate the building as a full-service sports medicine rehabilitation and men’s health center throughout the year, in addition to offering men’s health, fitness and education programs.

The board-certified physicians of Sports Medicine and Primary Care are now accepting same-day appointments, which means, whether you need general care or sports medicine, good help is always right around the corner.

Sports medicine specialists lead care teams that can include other medical and surgical specialists, as well as primary care physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, nutritionists, coaches and others. Sports medicine specialists focus on the general, nonsurgical care needs of active people – from athletes of all levels to nonathletes who want to stay or become active – and encourage wellness and fitness throughout an individual’s lifespan.

While they do not perform surgeries, they evaluate, diagnose and treat health concerns, and determine the right therapies including the need to see a surgical specialist. They are physicians specifically trained to help people:

  • Prevent and manage illnesses and injuries
  • Maintain their ability to move
  • Keep muscles, joints, tendons and bones well-functioning
  • Lower the risk of disability
  • Avoid or reduce time away from activities, work and school
  • Understand nutritional needs for growth, healing and better performance

The facility is also home to movin’ mania, Bon Secours’ healthy kids initiative.

The Richmond Economic Development Authority manages the year-round operations and management of the facilities and fields. These fields are available for youth programming, tournaments and other uses. The proximity to the Science Museum and the Children’s Museum offers potential for synergistic programming and tourism experiences.

For additional information about field or facility rental, please contact Lesa Williams at: